To ensure the proper preparation for the training course the website will act as a main hub of communication and for sharing and distributing preparatory material with the participants. Through this website the participants will have access to all materials necessary for their preparation (suggested reading, relevant websites, guidelines etc) and a common workspace for uploading and downloading educational materials. Moreover, all the information regarding the training course such as the course description, the daily programme, travelling and accommodation guidelines will also be accessible through the website.  

Participants will familiarize themselves with the training topics as well as the course methodology by accessing the relevant resources, materials and tools. Based on their interests they will be invited to participate into one of the working groups each of which will have a different main topic of focus.
To prepare for the training course they will be asked to complete a set of tasks:
. read the educational materials provided about learning-design and inquiry-based science education 
. choose three applications (on-line science laboratories) from the provided list and reflect on how they could be deployed in teaching a specific subject in their school classroom
. develop an educational activity based on their ideas which will include the use of the applications they chose and  an inquiry-based methodology template that will be provided 
. upload the educational activity they have prepared on the course common workspace prior to the course
. The educational activities will be discussed in detail during the course and they will be further developed 

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