Throughout the duration of the course teachers will participate in inquiry activities from two different points of view: a) as learners performing inquiry-based experimentations using on-line labs and b) as teachers implementing inquiry-based scenarios connected to on-line experiments. The course will include presentations followed by practical sessions (workshops) focusing on:

a) Introduction to the concepts and skills of learning-design, inquiry processes and scaffolding;

b) Introduction to preparing, uploading and sharing digital learning resources and scenarios

c) Presentation of inquiry-based learning activities for use in the science classroom;

d) Familiarization with on-line labs portals and educational digital repositories;

e) Presentation of popular social tools and science outreach websites

f) Hands-on sessions working on on-line labs and resources related to science.

During the training course there will be also dedicated and specialised sessions where the participants will have the opportunity to experience and practice with innovative tools, design inquiry-based educational activities using educational material from digital repositories and collections of on-line labs; they will work in learning spaces that can be personalized, navigate through digital resources and on-line labs, browse through existing educational scenarios and work on them. Their feedback and requirements with respect to various aspects of the tools shown will be collected and discussed in detail in order to facilitate their further development, maximise their efficiency and enhance the adaptation potential.  

The training course comprises of approximately 10 hours of lectures and demonstrations, and 15 hours of hands-on workshops. The lectures and the demonstrations of the training course will be held in an auditorium equipped with a data projector and a laptop, whereas, the workshops will be held in a multimedia laboratory where each participant will have direct access to a PC with internet connection and will carry out planned exercises. 


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